Sunday School


Sunday School is a vital part in every child’s journey to understanding the Word. We strive to make our lessons an interactive way of learning from one another through object lessons about life and have fun at the same time! We want every child to receive encouragement to live by God’s Word daily and we believe Sunday School attendance provides an effective opportunity for Christian growth.
Our Sunday School literature is designed to meet the needs of each specific age group. Our classrooms include daycare, junior students (ages 3-6), and senior students (7-12). The curriculums we use are formatted to meet specific topics or themes relative to the Christian faith and are updated to emphasize and provide a Godly perspective for each holiday throughout the year. Study materials can assist students and teachers in gaining revelation and understanding of the Word. The Sunday School ministry is lead by Pastor Randa Sebastian and is ministered to the children by a trained and motivated team of individuals.
We’d love to have you come visit us! We start Sunday school at 12:00 pm every Sunday right after main praise and worship.