What is ISOM?

Working in ministry requires being thoroughly grounding them in the Word of God. We believe in training and equipping believers for spiritual warfare, ministering healing and deliverance through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

As a host administrator for International Graduate School of Ministry Curriculum we offer the flexibility of studying through televised courses with well known preachers and teachers from all over the world who are known in the faith. ISOM is an internationally-recognized name for the International School of Ministry® which is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than twelve thousand training sites in 141 nations. Speakers include are Joyce Meyer, T. L Osborn, Lamar Boschman, Marilyn Hickey, Dr. Amstutz, and Reinhard Bonnke. Training is undertaken through weekly sessions in small groups. There is a total of five semesters, with each semester totaling 32 hours of class time. There are midterms and final tests involved as well as ministry hours to be completed and weekly group discussions.

  • A church-based video training program.
  • A complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments and tests.
  • A bilingual program that is available in over 60 languages. Please note we also now have a non-bilingual version called ISOM Express for English only students. This new version cuts in half the time required to take ISOM lectures.
  • A school where English- and non-English-speaking students can learn side-by-side.
  • A program that respects pastoral leadership and authority.
  • A powerful missions tool.
  • An opportunity for every willing person in the Church to be trained for ministry.
  • A professionally-recorded curriculum.
  • A curriculum with well-known teachers that impart life messages in their areas of expertise.
  • A cost-effective program that is easy to implement.
  • A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.
  • A program with no denominational ties.
  • A program through which the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested.