Fire Conference 2013






Apostle Elias Sebastian has been in full time ministry since 1982. He has ministered the uncompromised gospel in many nations through television and radio. Apostle Elias is the founder and President of Jesus Christ Is Alive Ministries International and Alive Christian Academy International in Toronto, Canada. It is here that he has served for twenty-three years alongside his wife Randa. His five children also serve in the ministry in various facets of the church. He has preached on the “Now is the Time” television broadcast as well as other radio and television programs in Central America. He has spent much time travelling, training, and equipping Pastors and leaders to win souls, make disciples, and plant churches. Apostle Sebastian had an encounter with Jesus Christ in heaven on more than one occasion. His life has been saved many times by angels of the Lord. He moves with vision and faith dedicated to reaching all the world.



Pastor Milton Valle is from Honduras. He is a composer, recording artist and musician. He has produced many songs that  share the light of Christ and minister to thousands. He has hosted concerts in Toronto, New York, and parts of Central America. He is passionate about souls and uses his gift of music to minister.






Apostle Rolando met that Lord in the year of 1985, at the age of nineteen. A former Atheist and drug user, he had no interest in the things of God. In 1985, his drug addiction led to an overdose. During that time, Jesus Christ spoke to him in an audible voice and said, “Rolando, Where will you spend eternity?” He cried out to the Lord, and turned his life around within three months. On September 21, 1985, he fully committed his life to Christ and began to receive heavenly revelations and dreams along with a call to full-time ministry. He traveled as an evangelist for two years before pastoring a church in Costa Rica and other parts of Central America. Pastor Orlando has served in ministry for the past 25 years alongside his wife Raquel Torres. He has three daughters which serve alongside with him.





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